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Graham says:

Just a quick heads-up: I'm hoping to head over to London in a couple of weeks to catch Damian Conway's 'Presentation Skills Training Course' (16th April). Widely known as a Perl hacker, Damian is also one of the most entertaining and educational presenters I've had the good fortune to see, and it's going to be fascinating to hear his particular bent of insight as he tries to coerce a room full of strangers to engage with their audience. If I come away with a flake of his talent, I'll be happy. If there's anything you'd like me to ask Damian, leave a comment, and you can get further information on the course from here:

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Try a Speakers Club

I think you'd probably be better off joining a local Speakers Club - financially and with presentation skills. This guy might have the best tips and tricks in the world but 'learning by doing' generally works best IMHO.

For about a tenth of the price you get at least 24 opportunities a year to 'learn by doing', take on challenges and you even get to tell a cross section of people about FLOSS if you are so inclined.

Search for the Association of Speakers Clubs to find a club near you.

PS Dr Brown's Administeria rocks.

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