SCO fires CEO McBride, still loves litigation


Ah, SCO vs the world. It seems like it has been going on forever, but occasionally a bit of good news crops up. Everyone's favourite Unix company has decided to "terminate" Darl McBride, its outspoken CEO and key figure in the ligitation dramas. While this move will allow the company to "preserve cash and the value of the business", SCO still expects to "raise additional funding and sell non-core assets to bolster working capital". In other words, it needs to flog off some of its products (UnixWare?) to make sure the piggy bank still rattles when shaken.

But if you thought the courtroom antics were now over, think again: with McBride's pay packet now open for legal team pickings, SCO will continue to "pursue litigation against, among others, IBM and Novell". Joy. Many pundits thought that IBM would have left SCO as a smouldering crater by now, or that SCO would have given up the fight and settled down as a small Unix house, but no - it looks like the suing is going to continue until the bitter end.

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What SCO is still in business ? !

It's not April first...

I did not know that SCO was still in business I thought after making complete fools of themselves in a baseless lawsuit, that they were bankrupt and no one would want to do business with them.

Are they like some Zombie company? Back from bankruptcy?


Some interested parties have been basically bank rolling SCO through it's court battles. Many fingers have pointed in Microsofts direction. Accusing them of fighting Linux by proxy.

I don't know exactly who's been doing what. But someone needs to take the SCO board to one side and slap them around until they see sense.

SCOs' benefactors won't bank role them forever. The fact they're selling assets would indicate the money tree is almost dead.

SCO Who?

SCO who? That company needs to roll over and die gracefully. It gambled and lost.

Does anyone read Groklaw?

Because if they did they would know that SCO is in the hands of a Chapter 11 trustee. That means that there is effectively no Board of Directors or CEO, the trustee runs everything.

The trustees responsibility is to the debtors. Going forward with the litigation means one of two things:
* He has not yet decided whether going forward with the litigation is something that he wants to do, and he feels going forward will keep his options open till he decides.
* He thinks that he will get the creditors more of their money back by going forward then not.

What took so long ?

BTW... McBride states on LinkedIn his current role is 'Free Agent' : )

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