See Richard Stallman at De Montfort University this weekend (23 June)


Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation, will be gracing fair Albion's shores to give a free lecture at Leicester's De Montfort University this Saturday (23 June).

The lecture will be held at 1.30pm in the Hawthorn Building right in the middle of town and will last for about two and a half hours, so you should be able to get back home in good time to see England getting thrashed by Spain in the Euros. Car parking is available in the DMU main car park.

This is a brilliant opportunity to see one of the founding fathers of free software speak talk about the things that truly matter. If it weren't for the likes of Stallman and others spreading his message we'd be facing a much bleaker technological future, so if you're within striking distance of Leicester and want some stimulating, entertaining brain fodder, get yourself down there for a 1.30pm start. There's no need to register beforehand, and if the hall gets too full you can always get off to the space museum instead. Did we mention that it's free?

More details are available here from De Montfort ( and here from the FSF

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Extremely excited, I do have doubts about whether I can get there or not as I live near Liverpool. It's a 2 hour drive but surely worth it.


Wish I was still in university on the mainland, would have definitely have been worth the train journey! Don't think I can justify flying over for just a day though :(

Thrashed by Italy, you mean

Thrashed by Italy, you mean :)

Unfortunately, living in the Netherlands prevents me from going, so will you lot keep us updated?

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