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That is, a photo of your actual, physical desktop (not a screenshot). You may remember that, long ago, we use to have "Anatomy of a Geek Desktop" on the back page of Linux Format magazine. Well, it's coming back, and we'd love to feature awesome reader/listener desktops. If you want to take part, send us a high-quality JPG image of 1600x1200 pixels, preferably no more than 4MB, to Mike Saunders along with some text describing your computer, the surroundings and any other interesting bits 'n bobs you have lying around. If we like it, we'll print it in the mag!

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I should...

Clean my desk. I don't think I would want a shot of this on the internet...

Looking at my desk.... Oh

Looking at my desk.... Oh God. Maybe not. Is it a trait of geeks, do we all have ridiculously untidy desks?

To busy

We are too busy watching the code compiling to clean our desks.


Sent just this second :D


This is great news! I love seeing what other setups are like. Especially Linux geeks. It good to see the really clean high tech ones AND the messy, upside down ones.


Photographs of the study desktop and the table in the Conservatory, where my laptop is currently sighted. Sorry for the mess!!

Sent mine!

I'm a sucker for workspace photos, descriptions on how different setups were built, with loads of pictures. People like Stefan Didak, Mitch Haille (look them up) are like tiny gods :)


Will do, just, erm, nah... needs to be a proper photo of my 'man grove' (yikes). There's just a random assortment of everything... but at least it's all in one place. Mostly.

The Other Man's Shack...

In the Amateur Radio world this is known as:-

The Other Man's Shack...

Sending a piccy soon...


just wondering...

I'm guessing you only want photos of computers running linux?

Well my Linuxformat sub began with issue 96...

But I still don't remember there being an "Anatomy of a Geek Desktop" on the back cover - maybe it was before that issue - good idea though it is? I'll need to grab my trusty Nikon D3000 and take a picture of my rig then... You should see the books that festoon the room I keep my three computers in... almost a shrine to Geekery lol :D !

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