Subs gifts: you decide!*


You've seen LXF binders, stickers, USB keys, pint mugs and more, and now we want to offer our latest subscription gift: pin badges.

Er, but the thing is, we're not sure what to put on them. So we thought we'd ask the people who know best: you. So please, tell us what sort of design you'd like to see on an LXF pin badge and we'll take the four most popular ideas to the Big Budget Boss and make it happen**.

* Kind of.

** The MikeOS kitty already has one vote.

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Mike OS Kitty has two!

Mike OS Kitty has two!

Better be postie proofed!

Whatever is decided on - a Tux possibly - just make sure it will survive the postal service.

This from having to collect my mag from the post office, as it was apparently too large to place in my box, despite being the same size and nearly the same mass as the last 3 years subs...... Must have been due to the booklet in addition to the DVD, and will be read this weekend, time permitting.

The windows logo with

The windows logo with cracks.

Pin Badge Facia.

My beautiful fizzog.


I think a Tegra 3 (with the

I think a Tegra 3 (with the quad core) tablet running Honeycomb would be nice...

My suggestions are: The

My suggestions are: The Gnome "foot" symbol thingy and the Ubuntu orange/red circle thingy... I hope you know what a "thingy" is :)

I think a really hardcore

I think a really hardcore in-your-face enamel badge would look good on my beret - Tux toting an armalite, or Linux with a hammer & sickle in place of the final x. But I'd happily settle for a pink pony or the MikeOS Kitty, with or without bonus propaganda items.

@ Sultan_of_Swing

x 2.

I think one design of a LXF logo would be the single uniting image for all subscribers.

The idea of Efrain designing it in-house is a good one.

Maybe an open ballot for the next podcast to give Efrain some ideas?


What about .....

Tux reading a mag with a big LFX on the cover?
Tux with an Ubuntu logo halo?
Tux with a green lizardy thing stuffed toy?
Tux with a red hat?
Etc etc
Or a black background with sudo, root, apt-get ....... in White?

How about....

Two tux penguins fighting over a tiny twitter bird?


Just give us Tux.

Gotta Be Tux

What else but Tux?

Scrap the enamel and go plastic!

TUX hologram credit card chip with embedded linux, microphone and camera bluetoothed PV powered. Cost?

I've already subscribed and I was very pleased with my book but.

an embossed #! logo?

how about a Fork bomb? :(){ :|:& };:

something nerdy enough to merit wearing..

That is all...


How about...?

How about the KDE cartoon dragon logo? It's really sweet :D

The MikeOS kitty is genius too. Oh, and the Ubuntu circle of friends and its KDE equivalent, they're really good as well but we all know Tux has to be there somewhere. The LXDE logo is pretty eye-catching as well. I'll stop now.

They're all obvious, but still we could have the dragon :)

Linus Torvald

I was thinking a picture of Linus Torvald in the iconic che guevara style. Obviously this is a marketing campaign so the linux format logo and 'keep it open' or some such fitting tag line. There might be some copyright issues using linus' face though!?


How about a DVD shape with Linux Format printed on it.

A Rotting Apple...

...sounds good to me!

Changed my mind

Have to agree with an earlier poster.... something like "your distro has been forked" would be excellent :)

How about honouring your subscription comitment

I would much prefer that you deliver the magazine on time.

Baubles beads and booklets are not worth anything if you are waiting and waiting on your magazine that you have paid for well in advance.

I have not received the magazine since October last on time and can only hope that performance improves. I signed up of the promise that I would receive each issue 7 days in advance of it reaching the shops. Please forget the gimmicks and provide a proper delivery service

Useful for authentication

I think that a re-captcha would work best, that way I could ask people to tell me what it says before I'll talk to them!

Of course I wont get one because I'm already a subscriber :(

Maybe something like

"Ivahna BlowBut"


The ubuntu logo is a obvious yet welcome incentive.

How about "PCWorld Staff.

How about "PCWorld Staff. Ask me about Linux." :)


This comes from American culture, may not be universal enough. I was fiddling with my linux accounting software one day and my accountant said, "Call the 800 number.." (as if it were MS). Despite him, I figured my software issues out in the linux self-reliant way, and I thought a great logo/motto for linux would be: "WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' 800 NUMBERS" -- a take-off on the famous movie bad-guy line, "We don't need no stinkin' badges".


The Puppy Linux puppy is really cute.

How about...

Chicks dig Linux?

OK, nothing new, and certainly not PC. but amusing nevertheless....

F&&k the captcha s&&t is annoying

Tux and...

Gotta be Tux and a Kubuntu Logo (or Ubuntu logo, Open SUSE, Puppy etc.)

Maybe Tux wielding an axe over another OS logo?*

*Sorry, rambling on here!



Why not Tux in Che Guevara style? Or even.. Tux as the Borg "You will be assimilated!"

The kde logo!!!

The kde logo!!!

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