Ubuntu: brought to you by Microsoft


...or at least so says Dell on their website. This neat little netbook apparently comes with a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 8GB of disk space, and the, er, well-known Microsoft operating system Ubuntu 8.04.

Microscobuntu 8.04

Thanks to submitter, Chris Brown.

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maybe they got it wrong in the first place :P

or maybe is a new way of microsoft trying to kill canonical :P saying that ubuntu is made from microsoft ..
anyway this is funny hahaha

Most likely just their template

It's probably just a lazy web site maintainer ;)or their template has no option for non M$ OS's and the maintainer with no edit privileges.
Enjoy the Choice :)


It's a secret Dell publicity stunt. Everyone I know "hates" Linux. But they love Microsoft! Convenient.

In Microsoft's Dreams

So what's next a MS takeover attempt at Canonical? Way to go Dell. I bet MS ups their license fees.


Probably it was published using their own CMS and the publisher didn't check it after publishing. Or the guy just had no idea about what Ubuntu is...;-)


Failure. M$, go die now.


Or did Canonical buy Microsoft recently and quietly replacing Windows for Ubuntu?

It's a typo, a non-story.

It's a typo, a non-story. Typos stopped being funny, or even interesting, donkey's years ago.

RE: Ubuntu: brought to you by Microsoft

I agree with loki1950

"It's probably just a lazy web site maintainer ;)or their template has no option for non M$ OS's and the maintainer with no edit privileges.
Enjoy the Choice :)"

RE: It's a typo, a non-story.

This is not a typo. Tihs is a typo.

The error on the Dell website is just an example that netbooks apparantly have Windows as a default OS and that webmasters do not expect anything else. Which makes this error an example of blatant ignorance as well.

I can't find this info on

I can't find this info on Dell web site! Please, point here link to this info, because i see, that Dell sales netbooks with Microsoft Windows only!


And I thought this story was about the recent inclusion of mono in ubuntu...

Only one word...

...can properly describe this:



Still a nice little piece though.............

Well, I think that's a bug

Well, I think that's a bug in Dell's web site. No more, no less.

They've included MONO for

They've included MONO for years (C#) so it is Microsoft Ubuntu

No, no, its NovellSoft

C;mon, you know Miguel has got some serious Redmond envy in him.

Shuttleworth, not so much.

Rumor tiem

This is actually a major leak - Dell knows about the secret acquisition talks going on between MS and Canonical, and let it slip!!!11!!! ;)

Let it slip

I think this was intentional.So I guess the web editor may not be that lazy after all.And guess what he may not have a job anymore.hehehehe


Micro$hit ubuntu, WTF????


I knew Ubuntu holding on to Mono would lead to bad things.

What a bunch of dumbasses. Just when I thought it was ok to buy Dell.

shame on my-crow-shaft

Is it another my-crow-shaft's marketing strategy with Dell's support? I just can't stop laughing at it on the face of Microsoft Windows OS!

Note the extra software packages

If you customise that Dell Ubuntu system, you can add Microsoft Office Home and Student, GSP Internet Security Suite, Mcafee Anti-theft, Roxio Creator, Avanquest PodMediaCreator and WebPod Studio. Also Online training for Microsoft Vista. I could not see any installation service for these options though ;-)


Wow, I can't believe what I am seeing! I don't no how or why it has happened but it is really funny and we can make a whole load of good jokes about it! Maybe there will be a laptop with "Canonical Windows 7" in a few years!!!!


Something weird.

All the posts are double! What is happening? Microsoft is taking over my Ubuntu, nooooo!!!!!!



Oh my god

Microsoft Ubuntu 8.04 :D :D :D


If this is about Canonical teaming up with Micro**** then i will quit ubuntu all together.
i mean if it's going to microsoft, we might as well use winloose,lol.

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