Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10 boot speed comparison


The Great Boot Race

Hot on the heels of the final release of the Karmic Koala, we've put together a video montage of 64-bit versions of Microsoft's Vista and Windows 7 operating systems booting alongside Canonical's Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10. Watch all four at once and see which one wins!

Each operating system has been freshly installed and features exactly the same hardware configuration. Auto-login is enabled, and each will launch Firefox which will then proceed to load our homepage.

We've taken an in-depth look at Ubuntu 9.10 in our latest podcast, and we've discussed Windows versus Linux several times before.

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even an out dated linux spat in windows face ^.^

I just came across

I just came across this.
I'll second the what on earth
I've used the same machine booting Vista, 7, and Ubuntu 9.10 as well as multiple machines with the same specs and slower machines booting Ubuntu and 7 than Vista and Vista has never even come close to any boot time and of course there's the whole sleep/wake and shutdown times in which Vista is a dog with four legs cut off it trying to run the greyhound track.
Also you have to take in to consideration as time goes by and the more programs you load (then also perhaps uninstall) the slower Vista goes. I take a Vista machine that will boot in under 55 seconds and load it up for a few months then try and boot and the time is about 5 minutes and 3-8 minutes to shut down.
Now You take the same programs on the same exact machine with 7 and it takes about 35 seconds to boot and about 12 to shut down.
Now my Ubuntu 9.10 I'm using right now boots in 18 seconds and as I said - it's a much, much slower machine than they spec.. it's about 4.5yr old dual core 2550 I think with intel graphics and 2gb ram... booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 are MUCH faster than this test.
Now maybe someone noticed both Ubuntu had graphics issues during boot. You need to update a fresh install of Ubuntu with the newer stuff (example the drivers for your Nvidia card) where Vista and 7 will to that for you as part of the install.
Did this all get done?

98 seconds on my lowly,

98 seconds on my lowly, non-clean, Win7 EeePC, including OS menu and typing-in of password.

I'd love to test Ubuntu, but my Ubunto USB stick wont boot. Ah, the joys of Linux.

My Windows 7 rig boots in

My Windows 7 rig boots in 18.5 seconds on an SSD. I'll have to load ubuntu on to the same box and see what sort of boot speed I have with it.

System Specs

CPU: i7-930
Mainboard: Asus Rampage Extreme motherboard
HDD: Corsair 250Gb SSD
Video: ASUS EAH5870

whats wrong with the windows 7 pc

Ive had win vis and win7 on the same pc win 7 is faster maybe you have faulty mem or some other issue????

I like linux but

I have two computers one dual boot ubuntu 9.10 and xp pro and
ubuntu 9.10 is so sloooooow to boot 3-4 times longer then xp.
That's an old amd athalon 3500 1 gig dual channel ddr 400.
Other computer is core i5 8 gig ddr 3 tri boot win7 64, ubntu 10.04 64 and osx 10.58 and ubuntu seems to boot 3-4 seconds faster than win 7 and osx is slowest, but this is not a mac. Too bad open gl wasn't as good for games as directx, then I wouldn't need windows.


im at school and cant watch it, whats windows 7 boot time, and whats ubuntu 11 boot time?


My modified Slackware boots up in 22 seconds on a low-end, 2003 HP.

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