What do you think about TuxRadar?


We've been wondering, what do you think of TuxRadar? What do you like about it, what would you change about it, and what would you like to see more (or less) of on it?

We can't make any promises that things will change of course (the magazine keeps us fairly busy!) but we have been making an effort to do more with TuxRadar lately, so any feedback on what you'd like to see from this space might help us to spend what time we do have for TuxRadar more effectively.

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Your comments

Podcast and written tutorials

Here what I'd like to see on Tuxradar:
1. The podcast. Just keep it like it is right now.
2. Written (and long) tutorials for software I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.
3. Anonymous comments as a penguin.

Comments and opinions Is quite good maybe more of those.

& Maybe slow down the rate of post's (always quality post's btw). but a sudden injection of loads of posts (for me anyway) its quite hard to keep up.

Change for changes sake

Don't change anything!

Just keep it coming

I think you're doing vey well already so just keep going down that route.
I like that the # of posts have increased, esp. the coding ones. I would also like to praise the coding academy in LXF.


The comments bit

Can it paginated (ajax rather than reloading the whole page)or something so I don't have to scroll a million miles.


How about a poll system? Some of the questions you ask people on TuxRadar could surely incorporate one.

This should give everyone a better overview on people's opinions even if they don't want to read all the comments.

Free Chocolate

You could send free chocolate to all viewers! Apart from that you are doing a pretty good job.

I have a list of things as long as my arm

Hi, I LOVE this site and podcast. Because I care here is my list:

1: Get rid of the click to read more on your articles. When reading in a feed reader, it's annoying - sometimes there's only a paragraph left. I visit the site a lot anyway to comment so you get them but at least it's when I want to rather than being forced to.

2: I really like the reposting of old articles like the Cake PHP ones - surely this gives something back to the community and encourages new readers when they see the quality content.

3. Switch off the switch that lets people post as Anonymous Penguin.

4: Paul Hudson's videos on gtk and python were outstanding. I never realised it was so easy to do a gui from within python. I tried but never did get it working in a script right though. You could pay him a bit to do some more right?

5: I'd ask for more posts but then again I understand it's a lot of work. Please not 20 a day obviously but at least one a day would be interesting. I realise that your podcast does well as you have a semi regular structure of every two weeks. When it's a "have to do" as opposed to a "want to do" things go off the rails.

Another thing is the duplication between LinuxFormat website, this one and then the twitter etc. Couldn't this all be done from LinuxForamt.com?

I've just gone to the about page for TuxRadar:

The goals of this site are:

To get some Linux Format content online for everyone to read and learn from

To post news stories about free software matters

To launch and run the Hudzilla Coding Academy

To have some fun with a twice-monthly podcast, while covering some serious free software issues

To do all the above using a site that loads super-fast, doesn't split stories into a zillion pages, and is pretty light on adverts too

All of that - including the Hudzilla Coding Academy - would be great. Cheers!

Pretty good job so far, I'd

Pretty good job so far, I'd say. Although I'd love it if the podcast were more frequent if that were to be at the expense of the quality of content it'd be a bad thing. I only really come here for the podcast as I have neither the time nor the nouse to comprehend or make use of the programming tutorials, but I enjoy reading the open ballots and so on. The "Best Application" series has been quite enjoyable. I enjoy coming to somewhere where there is stuff that I find challenging and don't understand (programming tutorials for example) and where other users are obviously more advanced and Linux-savvy than I am.

Yes! No!

Now that you've started posting some more, Tuxradar is pretty much just the way I like it. I do agree with an above poster that polls would be nice every now and again though.

Oh, and weekly podcasts please! :-D

Oh actually - one thing I really don't like about the website...captchas for logged in accounts! Can't something be done about this? Captchas are the bane of my life. Rather worryingly, I can't seem to pass them very often.

Amazing, Just the way you are

I lie kteh site how it is., I don't always use it, but I do have it as an App Tab in FF4. The podcast is amazing, and every two weeks give me time to listen to it, and try out some of your 'discoveries', and it means I won't go over my bandwidth allowance for the month. If you could somehow merge LinuxForamt.com and TuxRadar.com, or just remove the duped bits of LinuxFormat.cop and just use it as promo for your magazine, then that wou8ld be great. Also, bring in guests for your podcast.
OR just other members of the LinuxFormat team, or even the squeaky ball.

Amazing, Just the way you are

I like the site how it is., I don't always use it, but I do have it as an App Tab in FF4. The podcast is amazing, and every two weeks give me time to listen to it, and try out some of your 'discoveries', and it means I won't go over my bandwidth allowance for the month. If you could somehow merge LinuxForamt.com and TuxRadar.com, or just remove the duped bits of LinuxFormat.cop and just use it as promo for your magazine, then that wou8ld be great. Also, bring in guests for your podcast.
OR just other members of the LinuxFormat team, or even the squeaky ball.

There are only two things

There are only two things that could possibly improve it---
1. play the Pink Pony song at the end of every episode,
2. put it out as a videocast.

> Captchas are the bane of

> Captchas are the bane of my life. Rather worryingly, I
> can't seem to pass them very often.
Stop pretending to be human Hew or should i say Heuristic Unified Workgroup.


More meat

I subscribe TuxRadar for quite some time already, and it used to be more usefull technical information two or three years ago. Now there are just podcast announcments and "open ballot" and almost nothing more. Technical articles are gone. I'd like to read more in-depth articles, programming series - huzilla (or so) was also awersome, or just reprints of valuable articles already published in your printed magazine.

Good habit

Just started listening to the podcast which is great. All of it lovely. Only problem is that I wasn't listening before. Now I'm going back in Linux time. Also I'm a bit freaked that those photos in the front of LXF have voices.

News and tutorials

What I value most about Tuxradar is informing about "regular" people about OS = Open source = Operating system news and important, well stuff. It's good to have a website (among others) that brings different good people together with good intent.

And of course I LOVE the tutorials! Thanks! Bring them on! More!

The advertisements and

The advertisements and endless promos don't really interest me, what I'd like to see is content pulled from the magazine being billed as such. But I think to do that you'd need a better design than this one.

I really come here for the podcast, so it'd be nice to see that become more frequent (I know how much of a pain it can be), and for the open ballot.

You'd be better off with one website and dropping the confusing linuxformat.com homepage. Seriously.

Oh: also the captcha that I keep having to reload to find something I can read. What on earth is "patrified probta"?

It's a great site..

Overall, I really enjoy reading tuxradar.

the main reason is obveously the Podcast, which is always very good quality.

I'd like to see more community additions, perhaps community-written guides?
There could be a page with lists of ideas for articles, and if a reader wishes to contribute a tutorial on the subject, they are able to.

Perhaps the best article submitted gets published in Linux Format?

I also very much enjoyed Paul Hudsons PyGTK video tutorial series and the FFMPEG frontend coding one.

That is all


About Tux Radar

Hi Guys,

Darren from New Zealand. Stick with the status quo.

Especially love the podcasts.

Mike is a dude.


greetings earthmen

Tuxradar would benefit from a little more technical material. Podcast is good, at least in parts.
Taking into account the primitive degree of technological development on your planet I feel I have to congratulate you.

Drop "You Dare Us"

I love the podcast, and if possible, would like a weekly installment. But I understand that the podcast is not your day job, and you might want a life outside of work. A video-cast is right out; way too much hassle.

I'd kill the "You Dare Us" segement. It seems, again, it be a drain of your time when you're not at work... and with the level of 'didn't happen,' that results, I think you might agree.

Give us the news. Give us your commentary, opinions, and thoughts. I listen to Tux Radar to fill the void left by podcasts that think Apple runs the world on an iPhone app.

My wish list . . .

I feel like TuxRadar has really abandoned bonus features lately and more reserved now exclusively for the podcast/question of the podcast. I really liked when you would post free linux wallpaper and stuff like that. The name "tuxradar" begs for a lot of cool, useful information on linux.

Could you maybe post old "classic" tutorials perhaps from Linux Format (like something on bash that never gets old?). Or compile an easy to read summary of the scores of all the software/distros reviewed and the LXF issue the full review is featured in?

I also would always be happy to see maybe things like:

1) more cool linux wallpapers
2) a recommended open song of the week from jamendo
3) free scripts (bash,gimp,etc)
4) custom gnome and/or kde themes
5) more prizes
6) swag swag swag

TuxRadar Is Excellent.........

........especially the podcasts. Keep them coming. I also struggle with captchas on occasions, but understand why we need them. Jon Roberts is cool; he frequently contributes perceptive and interesting comments.



Keep it going!

Absolutely loving the podcast - and the website as well. Coding tutorials are always good, and as I am aware you need to sell your fantastic magazine, I am happy with the old ones from there. Maybe a few more news from the Linux world would be good for the website as well as for the podcast, but overall I have no complaints. Jon is a great addition, as is Effy, but I have to admit that I miss Paul's rants!

Practical PHP programming typo?


for ($i = 1; $i < 3; $i = $i + 1) {
for ($j = 1; $j < 4; $j = $j + 1) {
for ($k = 1; $k < 3; $k = $k + 1) {
print "I: $i, J: $j, K: $k\n";

should give
I: 1, J: 1, K: 1
I: 1, J: 1, K: 2
I: 1, J: 2, K: 1
I: 1, J: 2, K: 2
I: 1, J: 3, K: 1
I: 1, J: 3, K: 2
I: 2, J: 1, K: 1
I: 2, J: 1, K: 2
I: 2, J: 2, K: 1
I: 2, J: 2, K: 2
I: 2, J: 3, K: 1
I: 2, J: 3, K: 2

Not what is displayed in your book unless you change the second for loop from $j< 4 to $j< 3


With the podcasts, I agree with andyy.splash that you should bring in guests like some of the rest of the crew at LXF towers. I especially want to hear the fun and games if you brought in Nick Veitch. .. alas poor Mike...
You could even do some open source audio conference sort of thing if they don't live close enough to drop in. (You know, like the Jedi council?)
Keep it up fellas, I long for the podcast each fortnight.

Very happy with the podcast,

Very happy with the podcast, and linux format. moar pl0x :D

More podcasts

Great site great podcast.

My only gripe? Go for weekly podcast :)


Hard To Find Older Articles

The podcast is great! The new posts on the site are excellent, great to see it coming to life. The only issue I have is it's very difficult to go back to look at older stuff.. it would be great if there was a decent index/search of content, it's very blog like which isn't the best way to find articles IMHO.

But keep it up! :-)

Good things should only get better

Hey guys,

I'd like to echo everyone else and just say keep the podcast's coming, (more frequently if time would permit but I know its not your job).

Also I would like if somehow managed to create a programming (non-elite) community where people could participate and actually learn without the often snobbish elitism of other forums and communities.

I'm thinking perhaps a monthly hackathon where users can make a certain project (perhaps with a general theme, game etc) and submit their github repo's (or other source) and the best is voted to the top by you guys and/or readers.

Anyway, Keep up the good work!

@Felim Whiteley

You could always use Google, i.e. site:tuxradar.com <search term>

Why 2 Sites?

I love Tuxradar *AND* LXF (and especially love the podcasts - the only podcast of the many that I "catch" that I always and without fail make a point of listing to) but the thing I can't understand is why the need for two separate sites?

Why not combine all this Linuxy goodness in one place?

Hudzilla's Coding Academy

It's an awesome site. No real changes needed.
I would love to see the rest of the Hudzilla Coding Academy projects listed.
Either that or a pdf version of the supplement available for subscribers on Linux Format.
Cheers guys - keep up the good work.

like it the way it is

The site is great the way it is, it is desktop/mobile/tablet friendly. The podcast is great and informative. Also your tutorials are awesome, I started to get into CakePHP because of it.

Leave a winner alone.

You guys are doing great. Leave them wanting more. Supply too much and you get boring.

Great podcast and mag

Hi all,

Great to listen to whiist working, the banter and info paced just so.

One thing to work on is the 'dare' section which usually falls flat with excuses. Perhaps let this one go.

Mag also good if a little pricey in Aus ($A16) particularly considering our dollar can now go back on gold standard ;D...
As a linux newbie, I have also found the Cake etc tutorials really good.


scouse downunder

BTW pepermint two works REALLY on a 12 y old compaq presario with 256 MG RAM

I love the podcast, but...

As someone already said, drop 'You Dare Us'. There not much point in an item that is greeted by laughter from you guys before a word is spoken. We as long-time listeners know that it means that yet again, you just haven't bothered.

Also, and this one is harsh, but drop Effy. He adds nothing to the team and rarely speaks. If he does it's to moan about something outside of the Linux world or to plug some obscure website or feature of interest to only him and the cast of The Three Amigos.

How about adding a feature like the one on the Going Linux podcast (they call it Gone Linux), about why people have moved to Linux and more importantly why they have stayed with Linux. Yes, it's idea theft, but who cares?

me again

Scrub the last bit of ramble about 'gone linux'. I've just noticed your 'convert corner' bit so you're already doing something along that line.
As you were, chaps. Carry on.

I want more of a good thing!

My only tweak would be to change to a weekly podcast, and unless that is just his normal voice, perhaps do something about Andrew's perpetual cold...

shameless gusher

Just had to gush how much I love your php tutorials. I'm not a Linux user, just an "accidental" developer, who needs all the help he can get, and appreciates it when he finds it in the form of straight-to-the-point, easy to read, comprehensive tutorials that start out simple enough for me to catch on. (Case in point: your chapters on regexp) So thanks again, and best of luck.

Where are the PDFs?

Hey guys,

Love the magazine, I've been a subscriber for years.
(I have most issues, going back to #2, and that's by catching it here in America.)

Like the podcast, I've listened to all of them, though today's was a bit strange -- if you're going to lead off about KDE 4.7, I thought you'd have some highlights ready to amaze us.

Problem -- your website banner ad mentions subscribing, and getting access to 2000+ PDFs. I looked all over the pages, and I couldn't find a link to the PDFs for us current subscribers. Is is just the links on the webpages for each section and article? OR do you have a proper directory with all the titles, sections, etc? Maybe a "Library" or "PDFs" button on the top bar, up there with "Podcast".


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