Whisky! Thanks!


When we asked listeners of TuxRadar to send in beer, we all thought we were being a little optimistic. Well, thanks to Wayne Rooney (not the football player, though he assures us that is his real name) our optimism and faith in our listeners proved to be well placed!

Hailing from New Zealand, where it's legal to own a still and make your own spirits, he kindly sent two bottles of his homebrew whisky. None of us expected to be whisky tasting on a Monday morning, but it was a definite plus.

The whisky was delicious - nice and smooth, not at all over powering - it's gone down very well here.

So, thanks to Wayne, a long-time Slackware user! Video of excited unboxing and tasting here, and a bonus picture below.

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What a hero! :D

What a hero! :D

Cool Gift

I notice the "give it to the new guy" motto is in full effect over there! hehe

Haha Mike!

I have exactly the same reaction to whisky! And pretty much any other spirit, come to think of it...


Effi wasn't working on is house???? I'm stupefied :D. He must have smelled the whiskey. I wish I could do that :(. lololol

Re: Haha Mike!

Yeah, I kinda wish I could appreciate it more, but I guess I'm just a beer kinda guy. Not dropping hints or anything...


A real gift!

Ha ha ha! Cool, I wow... Where can I send stuff to you guys? Still Wow! Whiskey!!! (I have never seen a video of you guys awesome!


We definitely need more videos / pictures of you guys in the office :) It's nice to see where it all comes together, and also kind of weird to hear the Tuxradar voices coming out of the faces of people we see pictures of in LXF :p

Occurs to me

Slackware users and homebrewing is almost a proverb, isn't it?

working places

I second the question for more pictures...
how about a photo-series of the working desks.
And do not even try to clean them up before... we want to see the real work desks not the "mum-is-visiting-me-tomorrow"-versions

Surprise surprise, there are ladies in your office. How about inviting them as kind of guests to talk about linux on the podcast

Finally, you are aware that the possession of a knife like you are using to open the package would trouble you in many other countries, right?! What you are doing beside writing Linux-articles, hunting down deer? Kind of long office hours compensation? ;)

How About....

How about having video with the podcast guys, to see you guys
interacting with the audio.

Would make it interesting especially when talking about something that would benefit from a visual demonstration rather than just talking about it.

You call that a knife?

Re: the knife I was using to open the box:

It's a hunting knife that Paul (former editor) brought me back from Finland as a gift. It has been very useful, but it remains in the office for one reason -- I can't carry it home. Well, I could try, but knowing my luck I'd be the victim of a random police stop-and-search and go down for 15 years for carrying such a dangerous weapon.

So it looks like I'll have to post it to myself one day :-) In the meantime it's very useful for opening boxes of mags, random gifts from readers/listeners etc...



Open Source Whiskey! Awesome! :D

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