xPUD, the ultra-fast booting Linux flavour


Weighing in at a mere 48MB, xPUD boots up before you can even decide how to pronounce it. This mini distro is built upon Mozilla's XUL and Gecko engines, with an interface called 'Plate' which includes a web browser, media player, BitTorrent client and other tools. There's not a great deal of information on the website just yet, but read on for a video of its über-rapid bootup.

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Pretty sweet

xPUD does rock, and I'm considering using it as the base of mine... the only problem... does it support wireless??

Top Stuff!

This would be great on netbooks, where fast boots are important (as is the simplistic interface). I'll definitely be trying it :-)

Veeeery interesting. Someone

Veeeery interesting. Someone please tell me if linux-wlan-ng and synce are in the repos. If so, I'm getting that!

Owait, it's not out yet.

Owait, it's not out yet. Damn!

wireless wirless

In a VM I got no wireless.

I'm gonna instal this on my

I'm gonna instal this on my Acer. It's tottally awesome!

Bandwith Limit Exceeded

"The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later".

Bandwith Limit Exceeded

I think it's the /. effect

I installed in on an Acer

I installed in on an Acer Aspier One(110). Dual boot with XP.
Boots very fast, but while it recognizes my wireless network, when I put in my pass phrase it tries but fails to connect. All other Linux distros I have tried connect fine. I did install the additional drivers. I'd LOVE to have Xpud available for fast boot up internet access. Any Ideas?


I installed it to USB, booted in 8 seconds, works with my WIFI, sound and graphics too.

Toshiba Satellite A210

The only thing its not supporting is my webcam :(

but still the most impressive os ive seen yet due to the speed.

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