Linux Format 173 On Sale Today - Escape Google!


Create your own cloud, migrate to your own email system, maybe even build your own social network: a lot of us have been thinking about doing it for a while, but we've lacked the incentive to make the effort for relatively little gain.

Well, we now have all the incentive we need, as it becomes clearer every day that our 'private' information is a commodity for sale like everything else. Follow our guide to online freedom and you'll never be sold to advertisers (or the NSA, or GCHQ) ever again.

On a lighter note, we hear from Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton about his plans for the future, learn about the sterling work of electronic freedom fighters the EFF and take a peek into the murky world of KDE development. There's also brain fodder in the shape of Lisp, MariaDB , Ruby On Rails, Cuda, Raspberry Pi and LibreOffice tutorials, along with the healthy dose of insight, love and passion that characterises Linux Format.

On the DVD: Debian 7, Mageia 3 and Sabayon. Plus: Tutorial code, answers, a complete copy of Linux Format issue 64, and more.

Linux Format 172 On Sale Today - Has Ubuntu lost it?


With its Distrowatch ranking falling faster than Man Utd now that Sir Alex Ferguson has departed, Ubuntu is no longer the all-conquering force that it was. So what's happened? Has it, in fact, lost it, or is there a more subtle game afoot? We answer this conundrum (sort of) in the latest Linux Format.

We also invite you discover the ethos that's powering Trisquel, the freeest distro of all named after a Gaulish God; learn the fundamentals of programming with Scratch and Coding Concepts; and get acquainted with your ancestors without travelling through time with the excellent Gramps genealogy application. All this, plus Hotpicks, Sysadmin, tutorials and more, in Linux Format!

On The DVD: Our own Privacy Enhanced remix of Ubuntu and regular versions of Kubuntu and Xubuntu. Plus Manjaro, free (as in speech) books, software and more.

Linux Format 171 On Sale Today - 50 Distros Tested!


A Double DVD Spectacular! Choice is natural. Choice ensures competition. Choice is good. But sometimes there's too much choice, and we need a helping hand through the forest of indecision. Take the act of choosing a Linux distribution, for example: of the hundreds that are out there, all with their slightly different goals and values, how do you know which one is going to be right for you? You could try every single one of the top 50 ranked Linux flavours on Distrowatch, or you could let us do it for you – brilliant!

Digital back issues of Linux Format half price until Tuesday!


Need some reading material this weekend? Our digital back issues are currently half price! This goes for both our Google Play store and the magazines on Apple’s Newsstand. Google Play is UK, US, Canada and Australia only, whilst the Apple Newsstand offer is global and the offer expires Tuesday morning.

Linux Format 170 On Sale Today - Hack the Web!


The internet is full of unpleasant people who would love nothing more than to steal your passwords, crack into your WordPress site and generally make a nuisance of themselves at your expense. So we learned their black arts so that you can protect yourself against them, and in the process we discovered that protection rackets have moved online through the power of DDOS attacks.

Bargain of the week (UK Only)

For one week only, Linux Format is available on Google Play in the UK for just 99p! ( It's a great chance to check out the magazines's digital offering if you haven't already. The offer ends 13-March-2013.

Linux Format 169 On Sale Today - What is Linux?


What is Linux? We asked the question, and sent our reporter down into the depths of the OS to find out the answer.

But we didn’t stop there. We got a full Ubuntu system running on a Nexus 7, played games on Steam and chatted with Jacon Kaplan-Moss. As usual, we’ve got some great ways to spruce up your Linux system with tutorials ranging from building a smart TV with a Raspberry Pi to command-line music management.

Steam launched - Get Linux Format reviews for free!


The official Linux Steam client has been released, and the company behind Steam is celebrating by offering some serious discounts on Linux titles. We thought we'd help you choose the best by plundering our own archives for reviews of games now available on Steam, and making them available to you for free!

So, without wasting any more time, here they are:

Linux Format 168 On Sale Today - Linux vs Windows 8: The verdict


Microsoft has been alienating its users by making pointless user interface changes, dropping support for its instant messenger app and not providing software that will play a DVD.

We can either: a) Point and laugh like Nelson the bully from The Simpsons; or b) show the poor, huddled masses of Windows users that there is a better way. Or, if you don't use Windows and don't know anybody who does, you can simply marvel at how much better off you are because you use Linux, and congratulate yourself on your sound judgement.

Linux Format 167 On Sale Today - Mighty Mint!


It’s a Minty-licious issue as we take a look at the leader of the Distrowatch charts, and ask how it came to be what it is today.

Linux Mint has redefined what it means to be a modern, sleek operating system and it's not even six years old. In recent years it's gained popularity by standing firm in the face of desktop change, but it's about much more than just an applications menu.

Linux Format on Google Play Magazines


Sorry for the lack of updates. We're manically trying to finish 1.5 issues before Christmas. But we just wanted to let you know that, to coincide with the launch of Google Magazines in the UK, Linux Format is now available on Google's magazine store - £4.99 per issue, £3.99 with a rolling subscription or £44.99 for the year. As always, DVD images are freely downloadable from Issue 166 (the zombie one) should also be available on the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Linux Format 166 On Sale Today - Survive the zombie apocalypse!


Survive the Zumba apocalypse! Keep data, files and partitions safe when disaster strikes!

OK, we`re being a little bit daft about the zombies, but they`re a useful metaphor for all the things that can go wrong with data stored on a Linux box. Partitions go missing, files get deleted by accident, and zombies pull out the plug of your PC just as you`re saving something to disk. It`s bad juju, but with our guide to surviving data disaster you`ll be prepared.

Linux Format 165 On Sale Today - Raspberry Pi Supercharged


Supercharge your Raspberry Pi. It's project awesome!

Take control of your telly, your devices that run embedded Linux and more, as we uncover the potential of the Raspberry Pi. With a bit of patience, a soldering iron and a couple of circuit boards, you can even use one to control an LED display to light up your favourite winter-based religious festival.

Linux Format 164 On Sale Today - Linux at CERN!


Yes, CERN!

The hunt for the Higgs boson, the so-called God Particle that so angered Ewan McGregor, generates an enormous amount of data. And what kind of OS do think runs the machines that wrangle this data? It's not a trick question: the answer is Linux, because it's powerful, it's open, it's hackable, extensible, scalable and lots of other things that you can read about in this issue.

Work at Linux Format!


We’ve been able to convince the holders of the purse strings here at Linux Format that we really do need to replace the ever-awesome Jonathan Roberts. So here’s your chance to grab a dream job, working on something you love!

Linux Format 163 On Sale Today - Linus Torvalds!


They say you should never meet your heroes, but we ignore their advice and travelled to the home of Linus Torvalds to ask him about Gnome, KDE, Android, Apple, Ubuntu and Google. It was pretty cool, and you can read everything that he had to say to us in this issue.

Linux Format 162 On Sale Last Week - Best Distro 2012


Best distro 2012: we put the top contenders head to head.

Complete with 2 distro packed DVDs; 15 top distros, 14 of which are bootable!

Mint takes on Ubuntu in the classic battle between father and son. OpenSUSE Tumbleweed takes on the most popular rolling distro, Arch. Gnome desktops compete for dominance when we pit Fedora against Sabayon, and we fulfill our KDE obligations by looking at both Mageia 2 and Rosa - two closely related distributions that have yet to make their mark. It’s not close to being an exact science as there will be as many opinions as there are distributions. But it will be fun. Let the games commence!

Linux Format 161 On Sale Yesterday - Upgrade Your PC Today!


Upgrade today: take the fear out of buying new hardware.

We've been benchmarking, testing and generally doing time-consuming things for this issue, sifting through piles of SSD's graphics cards and other bits and bobs to find what works best with Linux. To be honest, it's been a massive pain in the behind, which is a good thing: we've taken one for the team, so when you come to upgrade your Linux machine you'll be able to stand on our shoulders and things will Just Work.

Complete Set of LXF Back Issues For Sale

We just came across a post on our forums, where vcoen is selling his complete set of Linux Format back issues. If anyone is interested or looking for missing issues to add to your collection, take a look.

Linux Format 160 On Sale Today - How to make a billion dollars the Red Hat way


How to make a billion dollars the Red Hat way. Yes, a billion dollars!

While other tech companies have been making headlines, Red Hat has been making money, and it has done so by selling a product that anyone can get for free: Linux. Is this a con trick? Alchemy? No: it turns out that hard work, expertise and giving the customers what they want is still a good way to do business. We spoke to the Red Hat chaps to find out more.

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