TuxRadar launches; world + dog vaguely amused


Few people like reading the news when it's plagued by adverts or over-complicated design. And no one likes it when stories are split across 10 pages just to boost the impression count. So the smart bods behind Linux Format magazine (that's us) have launched this new site with a few goals in mind...

  • To get some of our content online for everyone to read and learn from.
  • To post news stories about free software matters
  • To launch and run the Hudzilla Coding Academy
  • To have some fun with a twice-monthly podcast, while covering some serious free software issues
  • To do all the above using a site that loads super-fast, doesn't split stories into a zillion pages, and is pretty light on adverts too.

So, tell your friends, tell all your friends: it's time to kick-ass and chew bubblegum, and penguins don't much like gum.

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