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New to the wonderful world of Linux? Looking for an easy way to get started? Download our complete 130-page guide and get to grips with the OS in hours rather than weeks or months. We show you how to install Linux onto your PC, navigate around the desktop, master the most popular Linux programs and fix any problems that may arise.

We put the Linux Starter Pack on sale one year ago, and in our quest to support the community we're giving it away as a free download. Please go ahead and tell everyone about this offer -- all we ask is that you link to this page rather than directly to the zip below.

Click here to download now!

After reading the guide, head over to Linux Format for more information on the world's finest Linux magazine. Each month we include all the tutorials, features, tips and help you need to get the most from your operating system. Don't miss it!

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Thank U BOSS

This e-book really very useful for me, thankx once again...


thanks for this book

The best ebook about Linux users

thanks buddy .great great e-book .

Excellent ice breaker

You stars.

For the last 4 months I have been buying your magazine from the newsagent. There has always been stuff of interest to me, but this guide has just prompted me to get a subscription because you take care of us Linux noobs.

rich key

good n very good
my god. thank you to my frend/ sponcer
10 Q 4 All.

thank you

thank you

Thankyou Sir!!!!!!!!!! Thanx

Thankyou Sir!!!!!!!!!! Thanx a lotttt........[:)]

Thank you

I really appreciate this kind of community service.

Great going



thank you for your sharing!

It is really helpful for beginners. Hope to get more news about the further improvement.


Thank u for free download about Linux

For is very useful because i am begineer


You Must Have Award Wining Linux For Newbie!










You are the BOMB....

School Paper

I have to write a paper and do a power poiont on WHY somone would want to switch from microsoft to Linux. Any suggestions?


Thanks, I'm an an starter of ubuntu and I recently started to do my Ms. Project,

I've read about open source community and open source culture and interested on it...

so I decided to do my last project on Linux ubuntu...

Thanks again...


demade de livres de linux

bonjour , si est possile envoye moi des livres de linux
a l'adrece suivante :
tifaou Ait Yahia Moussa
Tizi Ouzou (algerie )


Thank you. This will be read by many.


Bye close source
Bye software traders...

The science was victim of your trade...



Senior system software

Thanks a lot, very nice material


Thank you for this great work


Thanks a lot for this magnanimous support.Indeed it is very helpful.

Thank a lot

Thanks a lot to make it free. I will write a post about it on my blog

Thanks a lot

very helpfull.


thaks a lot it helped me lot any one can help me in prefessional perl programming book the right one with lot of examples please

thanx a lot as it helps a

thanx a lot as it helps a lot 2understand d basic of d wonderful world of LINUX...a helpful guide for both beginners n professionals...

thank u very much!!! :)

thank u very much!!! :)

its very good.

its very good.



Thanks For your support

Thank you sir,For your efforts, and really its a very good book for Linux Newbies.

thanks so much

i realy appreciate for this book,it is very useful especially for our third world countries,thanks again and god bless you.tchao!


it's good.谢谢。。。

wo biao shi hen nan kan de dong

I am a Chinese, it's hard for me to understand what the author say? O,

Great work!


Thanks a lot..

Great work.It's very helpful






Gracias... ja jo hecha peve!!!(hasta la vista)

this book is just awesome nd

this book is just awesome nd m really enjoying it....!thanx a lot...:-)

A powerful alternative.

Thank you for the pack. Looking forward to use them in organising our new CAE lab

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