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Updated: We've had a number of reader requests to make available some of the imagery we use in Linux Format magazine. Naturally we're happy to share with you all, so we've put this page online where we'll upload artwork as it's requested.

The URL for this page is fixed so you can come back here and check for updates later.


Download widescreen (1920x1200)

Download regular (1600x1200)

If you're a regular reader of Linux Format and there's a particular cover image you want to have as a wallpaper, send us a shout on or Twitter and we'll see what we can done. Please remember that we sometimes license cover imagery from third parties, and such artwork cannot be redistributed here.

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best quality linux

best quality linux wallpapers

White bits

Am I completely wrong to be concerned about having desktop wallpaper with bright white parts? I tend to avoid it for fear of screen-burn.

Is this just me being paranoid? I know for a fact that screen burn is still possible on modern TFTs as we have big plasma screens at work for our 'digital signage' and they suffer from it quite badly...

Looks great- Ubuntu

Gimped the 113 wide to dark purple. Wow great!


Hey guys,

It's pretty clear that some of these are created in Inkscape or something similar. What about releasing the SVGs so it can scale to any size without any loss in quality?


PS Love the podcast and magazine


As it turns out, none of them were created in SVG - our artists use old-fashioned methods of layering things up, with (very) occasional 3D renders. Even the fancy sky art from LXF129 was done with plain old pixels!

But the company logo?

Shouldn't they have been released without the Linux Format logo? Or is that Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 too?

Awesome Thank you Thank


Thank you

Thank You

Thank You

I notice that you've released them under a CC-SA 3.0 licence and then say "feel free to monkey with it if you want." but a share-alike licence means "don't monkey with it". What gives?

Anyway, whatever licence, there still great. Well done to whoever created them. Was it Effy? Great work!

Thank you!

Title says it all

Da hora!

Gostei muito dos wallpapers, muito bonitos!!


You have just taken premade wallpapers and branded them yours!

Re: lamers

Er... what? These wallpapers are all 100% original, by us. We're giving them away for free. What's your problem?

These are very sweet indeed

Awesome, Absoloutely brilliant. LXF, can i have you babies and build a pengiun empire?

Lamers, you suck. You have

Lamers, you suck. You have absoloutely no appreciation for the FINER THINGS IN LIFE. Tuxradar, thanks for, um well, EVERYTHING. you guys and girls are doing a splendid effort.

More Tux

Fantastic, more please

Thank you!

Great selection. Thanks a lot, I like them all!

thank you... all of them are

thank you... all of them are nice!

My mail address is

My mail address is so you can see that I'm a Tux freak! Your wallpapers are very tuxy! Thanks for! And now a tip: Why you do not let your big boss named Tux going in a few holidays and show as wallpapers any real penguins from Antarctica? My radicale demand: Jobs for the penguins now! Let they be models! Naturally allowed a Penguin Union with statutes and red flag! We will fighting for the Penguin Rights...
Greetings from a German penguin lover!

Slack to the Future

What? It's got that "Star Trek Next Generation" corny charm to it.

Hatahs gon' hate.

Tuxness abounds!

Excellent stuff peeps! Thank you very much. They will be getting spread around a couple of friends Windo$e machines, as they trust me with their sesames, the mad, trusting fools! Ah, the power of the techy! Muwahahahahaha!

On a more serious note, well done for using the 'ReCaptcha' variant. It's such a simple but brilliant concept concept.

Great Idea Please keep up the good work

I think all Mags should do this. This is simply awesome! Thanks LXF!

Windows beware!

I'll put them on all the windows machines at work....
He he he

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